Dr. Oz Fat Burners; CLA for Weight Loss

CLA for Weight Loss
Dr. Oz kicked off “Fat Fighting Solutions Week” with an introduction to 3 new fat melters for weight loss in 2013. He was excited to present the findings from his research on CLA and its potential use for losing weight, building muscle, and protecting heart health. A simple way to shed pounds without even dieting or exercising is to add CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, to your diet by adding supplements or weight loss protein powder.   If you are in search of where buy CLA supplements, check out our all-natural CLA supplements.

What is CLA?
CLA is a healthy fat naturally ocurring in organic dairy products and lean, grass-fed beef. There have been hundreds of clinical studies performed over the past decade into the effectiveness of CLA as a weight loss booster, cancer fighter, and heart-disease preventer. The results have been overwhelmingly positive.
CLA is proven to:
Burn Fat
Reduce Inflammation
Prevent Cancer
Lower Cholesterol
Boost Metabolism
Support Leam Muscle Growth
Increase Immune Strength

Can Eating More Fat Really Help You Burn More Fat?
Counting calories, watching fat grams, and ensuring that our diet consists of enough whole food vitamins and minerals requires quite a learning curve, but we know one thing for sure: fat is always bad. Right?
Wrong! You may be surprised to hear that there are “good fats” which are not only healthy for your diet, but will also help you to burn fat. If you have been cutting all fats out of your diet in order to lose weight, you may have been unintentionally sabotoging your efforts. The war on fat waged by our generation has contributed to a nutritional gap in the diets of many Americans. Reducing dairy intake and skipping red meat for heart health means that the average person does not consume enough CLA to rid their cells of artery-clogging triglycerides. According to Dr. Oz, adding these dietary fats can help you burn more calories, control hunger, build lean muscle, and boost your metabolism without having to do anything else.
CLA, when consumed with a protein source, slips through the tiny fat cell membranes and attacks triglycerides. The triglycerides are broken up into pieces so small that the body can easily purge them, thereby shrinking the fat cells.

What Did Dr. Oz Really Say About CLA for Weight Loss?
Dr. Oz recommends CLA for weight loss because it appears to speed up the fat burning process and keep fat cells from getting bigger. He especially recommends CLA for people looking to build lean body mass while losing weight.

How Can I Add CLA to my diet?
Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a natural component of several foods, most notably unpasturized dairy products and grass-fed beef. There is some variation in the actual content of CLA found in these foods, but the indication is that it is nearly impossible to consume enough through diet alone to see a benefit. They can also be expensive and difficult to find. There are some supplement products available that will deliver a consistent, measurable amount of CLA to your body and therefore boost your body’s fat burning potential without any extra effort on your part. Peaceful Planet carries both a protein powder with CLA and a fermented Cod Liver Oil product with CLA.
Grass-Fed Beef
Organic, Unpasturized Dairy

CLA Supplements

Protein Powder Supplements

Cod Liver Oil Supplements

What is the recommended dosage of CLA?
3 grams per day (or 3000 mg) is the minimum dosage of CLA in clinical testing found to provide a substantial weight loss effect. Dr. Oz recommends splitting this up into 3 servings.
Dietary Equivalents
7 pounds of Grass-Fed Beef
4 gallons of Milk
500 mg per serving in a Dietary Supplement like Light’N-Up
500 mg per serving in a Dietary supplement like Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil

Are There Any Side Effects of CLA?
Researchers recommend that CLA supplements be taken with food rich in protein in order to prevent GI side effects. It is not recommended for use by people with diabetes because of its potential to cause insulin sensitivity.
Potential Side Effects:
Possible contraindication for diabetics

What CLA Supplement Does Peaceful Planet Recommend?

Mercola CLA

Dr. Mercola, leading researcher and published author in the field of nutrition, has formulated his own CLA supplement!  Mercola CLA is the only pure CLA supplement that Peaceful Planet could find, and is a highly bioavailable vegetarian source of this fatty acid that is essential to get through diet.

Light’N-Up Weight Loss Supplement
Dr. Tony O’Donnell, certified nutritionist and author of the popular book “Miracle Weight Loss,” developed a weight-loss supplement called Light’N-Up. Light’N-Up is a whey protein powder that is loaded with CLA, Pyruvate, fiber, and a whopping 30 grams of protein among other vitamins and minerals.
Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil
Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter are natural whole-food supplements with contain a beneficial dose of CLA, the potent animal fat proven to aid weight loss. Supplementing your diet with high vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil will aid weight loss in addition to providing a long list of health benefits.

How Should I Use Mercola CLA?

Mercola CLA

Buy Mercola CLA

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules of Mercola CLA per day.

How Should I Use Green Pastures Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil Blend
Where to Buy Green Pastures CLO Blend

Green Pastures Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil can be used as a daily supplement to promote good health and gradual, healthy weight loss. Simply take 2 Fermented Cod Liver Oil Capsules and 1 High Vitamin Butter Oil Capsule daily. (This is equal to the dosage in 2 – 750mg capsules of our Green Pastures Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend.)

How should I use Light’N-Up?
Where to Buy Light 'n Up
Buy Light'N-Up

Try our smoothie recipes!
Light’N-Up is a complete protein and, when added to a breakfast smoothie, will gear up your body to reach its maximum energy and weight loss potential. Breakfast is, as your mother said, the most important meal of the day. Load it up with as many nutrients as you can, and make it easy and portable for those mornings when time is at a premium. In Light’N-Up, CLA is mixed with a huge protein load, which has been shown to thwart any potential GI upset that sometimes occures when people use CLA for weight loss.

By Colleen Russell

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